Vaonis Vespera II

In the ever-expanding universe of astronomy gear, the Vaonis Vespera II emerges as a beacon of innovation, heralding a new era for stargazers and astrophotography enthusiasts alike. Unveiled with anticipation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, this next-generation smart telescope is set to redefine our celestial explorations. The Vaonis Vespera II, or Vespera 2 as it’s sometimes known, builds upon the success of its predecessor, introducing enhanced features and capabilities that promise to make astronomy more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Vaonis Vespera II

Positioned in a competitive market alongside notable releases such as the Celestron Origin and the Unistellar Odyssey series, the Vespera II distinguishes itself through a unique blend of affordability, simplicity, and technological sophistication. Designed for both newcomers to astronomy and seasoned skywatchers looking for a modern twist, the Vespera II offers an all-in-one solution for exploring the night sky. With just a single piece of equipment and a companion smartphone or tablet app, users can embark on a journey through the cosmos, capturing breathtaking images of celestial bodies with unprecedented ease.

As we delve into the features and capabilities of the Vaonis Vespera II, it becomes clear that this smart telescope is not just a tool for observation but a gateway to the wonders of the universe, designed to inspire curiosity and discovery in astronomers of all levels.

Overview of Vaonis Vespera II

The Vaonis Vespera II stands as a revolutionary all-in-one astrophotography solution, particularly tailored for urban observers who yearn to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos from the comfort of their own balconies or backyards. This smart telescope transcends traditional astronomical equipment by integrating advanced technology with user-friendly design, making it an ideal companion for both seasoned astronomers and those new to the celestial pursuit.

At the heart of the Vespera II’s appeal is its innovative design as a computerized Go-To device, which notably eschews the traditional eyepiece found in conventional telescopes. Instead, it incorporates built-in optics that offer a magnification capability akin to a 2-inch (50mm) aperture refractor. This design choice not only streamlines the user experience but also aligns with the modern astronomer’s needs, offering a direct and intuitive pathway to astrophotography.

The Vespera II is engineered with precision and simplicity in mind. Its compact and lightweight frame houses a sophisticated optical system, including an apochromatic quadruplet lens with a field corrector that utilizes extra low dispersion Lanthanum glass S-FPL52. This ensures sharp, color-accurate images across a native field of view of 2.5° x 1.4°, with the capability to expand up to a live mosaic field of view of 4.3° x 2.4° or 3.25° x 3.25°. Such expansive views are essential for capturing the grandeur of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters in stunning detail.

The Vespera II’s computerized Go-To functionality further enhances its appeal, allowing users to effortlessly navigate the night sky. With the assistance of the accompanying Singularity app, observers can select from a vast database of celestial bodies or enter custom coordinates, and the telescope will automatically slew to the desired target. This seamless integration of technology not only democratizes astrophotography but also opens up a universe of possibilities for urban astronomers, enabling them to explore the night sky with unprecedented ease and clarity.

Key Features of Vaonis Vespera II: Optical Design and Aperture

The Vaonis Vespera II is engineered with an optical design that sets it apart in the realm of smart telescopes, particularly for those passionate about deep sky observation. At its core, the Vespera II features a refractor optical system, renowned for its ability to produce high-quality, sharp images free from optical aberrations like chromatic aberration. This makes the refractor design especially suitable for the detailed observation and photography of distant celestial objects, from the glowing gas clouds of nebulae to the intricate structures of far-off galaxies.

Central to the Vespera II’s optical prowess is its 2-inch (50mm) aperture. While modest in size, this aperture is adeptly matched with the telescope’s advanced optics to maximize light gathering and image resolution within a compact, user-friendly package. This balance ensures that urban astronomers and those with limited space can still enjoy breathtaking views of the night sky without the need for bulky equipment.

The telescope’s optical system is further enhanced by an apochromatic quadruplet lens equipped with a field corrector. This sophisticated lens arrangement is designed to significantly reduce optical imperfections, delivering images with exceptional clarity and sharpness across the entire field of view. The inclusion of extra low dispersion Lanthanum glass S-FPL52 in the lens construction plays a crucial role in achieving this high level of image quality. This type of glass is prized for its ability to minimize chromatic aberration, resulting in images with superior color accuracy and contrast.

The apochromatic quadruplet lens and the use of Lanthanum glass underscore the Vaonis Vespera II’s commitment to providing amateur astronomers with professional-grade imaging capabilities. By combining these advanced optical elements, the Vespera II not only excels in capturing the subtle details and vibrant colors of deep sky objects but also ensures that users can explore the cosmos with unparalleled visual fidelity.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The Vaonis Vespera II is not just a telescope; it’s a gateway to the cosmos, empowered by cutting-edge technology and smart features that make astronomy accessible and engaging for everyone. At the heart of its imaging capabilities lies the Sony IMX 585 sensor, a testament to the telescope’s commitment to quality. This sensor, known for its sensitivity and resolution, enables the Vespera II to capture the night sky in stunning detail, offering users a view of the universe like never before.

One of the most innovative features of the Vespera II is its live mosaic field of view. This advanced functionality allows the telescope to stitch together multiple images, expanding its field of view up to 4.3° x 2.4° or 3.25° x 3.25°. This means that even the most expansive celestial objects can be captured in their entirety, with the ability to produce images up to 24 megapixels in resolution through the live mosaic mode. This feature not only enhances the visual experience but also opens up new possibilities for exploration and discovery.

Connectivity is another area where the Vespera II shines. Through the Singularity app, users can effortlessly connect their smartphones or tablets to the telescope. The app serves as a control center, allowing astronomers to select from a database of over 3,400 celestial bodies or input custom coordinates for personalized skywatching sessions. This seamless integration of technology ensures that even those new to astronomy can navigate the night sky with confidence and ease.

Portability and Ease of Use

The Vaonis Vespera II is designed with portability in mind. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it an ideal companion for urban astronomers and those who love to explore the night sky from different locations. The telescope’s futuristic, curvy aesthetic, which was much loved in the original Vespera, continues to charm users with its elegant design. This blend of form and function not only makes the Vespera II a powerful tool for observation but also a stylish addition to any astronomer’s collection.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Vespera II’s design philosophy. From setup to shooting photos, every aspect of the telescope is optimized for simplicity and user-friendliness. Automated features, such as auto-focus and live image enhancement, ensure that capturing the beauty of the cosmos is as straightforward as pointing the telescope towards the sky. The automated image-stacking feature further simplifies the process, enhancing image clarity in real-time and allowing even beginners to achieve professional-quality astrophotography.

FeatureVaonis Vespera II
Optical DesignRefractor
Aperture2 inches (50 mm)
Resolution8.3MP (up to 24MP with live mosaic)
Smart FeaturesLive auto-focus, image enhancement, automated image-stacking
ConnectivitySingularity app integration
PortabilityCompact and lightweight design

Performance and User Experience of Vaonis Vespera II

The Vaonis Vespera II sets a new standard in the smart telescope market, particularly in terms of image quality and user experience. Its performance is a testament to the thoughtful integration of technology designed to bring the cosmos closer to both amateur and seasoned astronomers.

Image Quality

At the core of the Vespera II’s exceptional performance is the resolution boost provided by the Sony IMX 585 sensor, which offers an impressive 8.3 megapixels. This significant upgrade from its predecessor ensures that images captured are not only brighter but also richer in detail. The increased resolution allows for the observation and photography of celestial objects with an unprecedented level of clarity and depth. Whether it’s the intricate patterns of a nebula or the delicate cluster of distant stars, the Vespera II captures the night sky with a fidelity that rivals more complex and expensive setups.

The telescope further enhances image quality through its live auto-focus feature, ensuring that every shot is as sharp as possible. Coupled with live image enhancement, the Vespera II automatically adjusts and improves the visual quality of the images in real-time. This intelligent processing eliminates the need for extensive post-capture editing, allowing users to enjoy breathtaking views of the universe with minimal effort.

User Experience

The intuitive operation of the Vaonis Vespera II, facilitated by the Singularity app, significantly enhances the user experience. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for astronomers of all levels to navigate the night sky, select celestial bodies from an extensive database, or enter custom coordinates for a more personalized observation session. The app transforms the user’s smartphone or tablet into a powerful astronomical tool, enabling seamless control over the telescope and instant access to the images it captures.

One of the most user-appreciated features is the automated image-stacking capability. This feature takes multiple exposures of the same celestial object and combines them to enhance the final image’s clarity and detail. This process, traditionally requiring specialized software and a steep learning curve, is fully automated in the Vespera II, making advanced astrophotography techniques accessible to beginners. The joy of watching an image gradually improve in real-time, as more layers are added, creates a deeply engaging and rewarding experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Smart Features: The Vespera II is equipped with advanced technologies such as live auto-focus, image enhancement, and automated image-stacking, making astrophotography more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Portability: Its compact and lightweight design ensures that the Vespera II can be easily transported and set up anywhere, making it ideal for urban astronomers and those on the move.
  • Innovative Approach to Astrophotography: The integration of a high-resolution sensor, live mosaic field of view, and the Singularity app offers a modern and streamlined approach to capturing the cosmos.


  • Limited Aperture Size: While the 2-inch aperture is suitable for many deep sky observations, it may limit the telescope’s ability to capture fainter celestial objects compared to larger traditional telescopes.
  • Premium Price Point: The advanced features and technology of the Vespera II come at a premium price, which may be a consideration for those on a tighter budget.

Comparison with Other Smart Telescopes

The unveiling of the Vaonis Vespera II at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) marked a significant moment in the burgeoning field of smart telescopes, a domain that also saw notable entries from industry giants like Celestron and Unistellar. Each of these telescopes brings its own set of innovations and features to the table, catering to different segments of the astronomy enthusiast community. Here’s how the Vespera II stacks up against its contemporaries, the Celestron Origin and Unistellar Odyssey and Odyssey Pro.

Celestron Origin

The Celestron Origin represents the high end of the smart telescope market, with a price tag to match. It boasts advanced features, including automated celestial tracking and a vast database of celestial objects. While the Origin offers exceptional quality and performance, its premium pricing places it beyond the reach of many beginners and casual enthusiasts. In contrast, the Vaonis Vespera II emerges as a more accessible option, offering a balance of affordability and quality that makes astrophotography and deep sky observation more attainable for a broader audience.

Unistellar Odyssey and Odyssey Pro

The Unistellar Odyssey series, including the standard Odyssey and the more advanced Odyssey Pro, caters to a wide range of users, from beginners to more experienced astronomers looking for a portable and powerful smart telescope. These models are known for their enhanced light-gathering capabilities and detailed imaging. However, they come at a higher cost compared to the Vespera II. The Vaonis Vespera II holds its ground by providing a compact, user-friendly experience with features like live auto-focus and image enhancement, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality without the higher investment required for the Odyssey series.

Vaonis Vespera II: A Balanced Choice

The Vaonis Vespera II distinguishes itself in the smart telescope market by offering a compelling mix of affordability, portability, and advanced technological features. Its 8.3MP Sony IMX 585 sensor, live mosaic field of view, and intuitive operation via the Singularity app make it a standout choice for urban astronomers and beginners eager to dive into astrophotography. While it may have a smaller aperture compared to some of its competitors, the Vespera II’s innovative approach to image capture and enhancement ensures that users can still enjoy high-quality observations of the night sky.

In summary, while the Celestron Origin and Unistellar Odyssey series offer impressive capabilities for deep sky observation and astrophotography, the Vaonis Vespera II carves out its niche by providing an accessible, feature-rich smart telescope that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its position as a more affordable option makes it an ideal choice for those new to astronomy or anyone looking for a portable and easy-to-use telescope to explore the cosmos.

Final Recommendations

The Vaonis Vespera II smart telescope represents a significant advancement in the field of amateur astronomy, combining ease of use, portability, and advanced imaging capabilities. As the market for smart telescopes continues to expand, the Vespera II stands out as a particularly compelling option for a variety of users. Here are our final recommendations for potential users:

For Beginners

If you’re new to astronomy and astrophotography, the Vespera II offers an ideal starting point. Its user-friendly interface, facilitated by the intuitive Singularity app, makes navigating the night sky a breeze. The automated features, including live auto-focus and image enhancement, ensure that even those with no prior experience can capture stunning celestial images. The Vespera II’s balance of simplicity and power provides a gentle introduction to the hobby while offering room to grow.

For Urban Astronomers

Urban astronomers often face the challenge of light pollution, which can obscure the faint details of deep sky objects. The Vespera II’s advanced imaging capabilities, including its high-resolution sensor and live mosaic mode, make it well-suited to overcoming these challenges. Its compact design and portability also mean that you can easily transport it to darker skies if you wish. The Vespera II enables city dwellers to unlock the wonders of the cosmos right from their balconies or rooftops.

For Those Seeking a Simple Yet Powerful Entry into Astrophotography

The Vespera II is an all-in-one solution that demystifies astrophotography. With its smart features and automated image-stacking, it allows users to achieve professional-quality photos without the need for complex setups or extensive post-processing knowledge. The telescope’s ability to save images as RAW files also offers the flexibility to edit photos to your liking, providing a seamless introduction to the art of astrophotography.

Encouragement to Consider Specific Needs

As you contemplate entering the world of astronomy or upgrading your current setup, consider how the Vaonis Vespera II aligns with your specific needs and interests. Whether you’re drawn to its portability, intrigued by its smart features, or motivated by the prospect of capturing the beauty of the night sky, the Vespera II offers a unique blend of accessibility and performance.

The Vaonis Vespera II’s value lies not just in its technical specifications but in its ability to make deep space observation and photography accessible to a wider audience. By lowering the barriers to entry, it invites more people to explore the universe, fostering a greater appreciation for the wonders that lie beyond our planet. Whether you’re a beginner, an urban astronomer, or someone looking to delve into astrophotography, the Vespera II is designed to meet you where you are and take you further into the cosmos than you’ve ever imagined.

FAQ Section for Vaonis Vespera II Smart Telescope

1. What makes the Vaonis Vespera II different from traditional telescopes?

The Vespera II is a smart telescope designed for ease of use and portability, featuring automated tracking, focusing, and image enhancement. Unlike traditional telescopes, it does not use an eyepiece and instead captures images directly to a connected smartphone or tablet.

2. Can the Vespera II be used by beginners?

Absolutely. The Vespera II is designed with beginners in mind, offering a user-friendly interface and automated features that simplify the process of skywatching and astrophotography.

3. Is the Vespera II suitable for urban astronomers dealing with light pollution?

Yes, the Vespera II’s advanced imaging capabilities and optional light pollution filters make it an excellent choice for urban astronomers looking to observe and photograph celestial objects despite light-polluted skies.

4. How does the Vespera II connect to my smartphone or tablet?

The Vespera II connects via Wi-Fi to the Singularity app, available for both iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to control the telescope, select targets, and view or capture images.

5. What is the resolution of the images captured by the Vespera II?

The Vespera II features an 8.3MP Sony IMX 585 sensor, capable of capturing high-resolution images. With live mosaic mode, it can produce images up to 24 megapixels.

6. Can the Vespera II capture images of planets?

The Vespera II is optimized for deep sky observation, making it ideal for capturing nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. While it can capture some planetary images, its primary strength lies in deep sky astrophotography.

7. How portable is the Vespera II?

The Vespera II is designed for portability, with a compact and lightweight frame that makes it easy to transport and set up anywhere you wish to observe the night sky.

8. What is the aperture size of the Vespera II?

The Vespera II has a 2-inch (50mm) aperture, which, combined with its advanced optics and imaging capabilities, allows for detailed observation and photography of celestial objects.

9. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The built-in battery of the Vespera II offers up to 4 hours of continuous use, and it can be easily recharged via a USB-C connection.

10. Does the Vespera II come with a tripod?

The Vespera II does not include a tripod in the base package. However, it is compatible with standard photographic tripods, and Vaonis offers optional tripods specifically designed for the Vespera II.

11. Can I edit the images captured by the Vespera II?

Yes, the Vespera II saves images as RAW files, allowing you to edit them using photo editing software to adjust details to your preference.

12. How does the Vespera II handle image stacking?

The Vespera II automatically performs image stacking in real-time, enhancing image clarity and detail by combining multiple exposures of the same celestial object. This process is managed through the Singularity app for seamless operation.